Traveling for plastic surgery is becoming more common place, safer and more desirable than ever before. You no longer have to be a movie star or someone famous to travel the world for top quality treatment. In the past it seemed very risky, not as common place and more patients today are choosing cosmetic vacations over local cosmetic procedures and treatments.

You no longer have to be one of these people to travel the world and come home with your desired results.

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What is a Medical Tourism or Cosmetic Vacation: Cosmetic vacations, or plastic surgery vacations, refer to trips taken by a patient that travel to undergoing plastic surgery or cosmetic enhancement. Plastic surgery vacations somewhere abroad are becoming more common place. Depending on a patient’s needs and preferences, may determine the country of choosing. Patients are advised to plan their trip so it covers the full scope of their surgery, including the post-op recovery period—most medical professionals advise against traveling during the first few days of the healing phase, as this can increase the odds of developing complications.


Before traveling to undergo cosmetic surgery, patients can become acquainted with their plastic surgeon through a consultation conducted via email, social media, and video phone exchange or in person. Some patients incorrectly assume that if they’re undergoing destination plastic surgery, there’s no way to conduct a consultation prior to making the trip. However, this isn’t accurate. In fact, many plastic surgeons today require communication with patients before they travel. This communication serves to finalize details about the chosen procedure. The surgeon usually works with a facilitator to coordinate travel arrangements and itineraries, to discuss financing, and to create a complete, personalized surgical plan. Insuring you have a point of communication even when the surgeon is not available.


Benefits of Cosmetic Vacations: There are many reasons why patients choose to travel for surgery. At first consideration, the notion of a plastic surgery vacation sounds risky or unnecessary. So why do many patients choose to travel for cosmetic surgery or cosmetic treatments?


The main benefits of cosmetic vacations include:
Privacy and reassurance that comes with undergoing a physical transformation away from familiar faces and prying eyes
The combining of plastic surgery leave with a vacation trip for individuals with limited time off work
The opportunity for patients in rural areas to receive state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures, and be treated by expert plastic surgeons otherwise unavailable to them
Taking advantage of reduced local plastic surgery costs
Cosmetic surgery vacations are much more convenient and easy to arrange today than they ever were in the past. Additionally, many plastic surgeons have streamlined a system for helping their patients complete the surgery process in a no nonsense, hassle-free way.
Travel Support: Most plastic surgeons’ offices (or the facilitator they work with) will arrange for convenient transportation from the airport to the clinic, and/or from the surgical facility to the patient’s post-op lodging accommodations. Many plastic surgeons will also provide discounted rates on actual surgical fees, reduced hotel and lodging costs, bonus gifts like spa treatments and retail discounts, and maybe more! Plastic surgery packages won’t be the same in all destinations or with all plastic surgeons, so it’s wise to compare these variables and shop around to find the cosmetic vacation deal that’s right for you!

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Like the patient in the picture found, using a facilitator can streamline the process. Some facilitators work with multiple surgeons and others works with a select few so it is important to interview several and speak with the surgeon and previous patients prior to making the final decision.


Disadvantages of Cosmetic Vacations: When it comes to taking cosmetic vacations abroad, there are considerably more risks and disadvantages to consider as opposed to plastic surgery vacations. Below is a list of some potential risks associated with venturing abroad for your cosmetic vacation:

It’s harder to verify the credentials of a foreign surgeon, as opposed to a domestic one, prior to traveling. A fly by night clinic can look as real as creditable clinics, do your homework.

Some clinics make it virtually impossible to arrange an adequate consultation appointment with a foreign surgeon prior to surgery
Checking the accreditation, the amenities, and/or the health and safety codes of the selected provider’s surgical facility beforehand can be difficult. Although in this day and age people will gladly post information online to help answer your questions
If complications arise post-surgery, arranging for quick medical attention or revision surgery will be both burdensome and unpredictable
If the surgeon or clinic does not ask the proper questions, it will be very difficult to ensure a foreign surgeon is abreast of a patient’s medical history and conditions before performing surgery, which could be relevant to the treatment’s success
If, god forbid, you do wind up needing some revision work done post cosmetic vacation, you will likely have to pay again for any surgery needed.


Choosing a Cosmetic Vacation Destination: From plastic surgery in Thailand, Mexico or Brazil there are lots of prime destinations for cosmetic enhancement patients to visit around the world. Obviously each region has its own unique attractions, charm and climate conditions that can affect or determine a patient’s travel choices. Patients should make it fun and chose a place you will enjoy even without surgery.

Brazil cosmetic surgery

Always take the time to research cosmetic vacations in around the world before planning your trip or purchasing from any one source. In fact, patients are encouraged to research all of their destination options for surgical treatment before signing on for surgery in any one location. By examining all the possibilities for a cosmetic surgery vacation in Cancun, Tijuana, Sao Paulo or Costa Rica, you can familiarize yourself with the city’s different amenities, travel options, weather conditions, and hotel accommodations. If you already have an idea of where you enjoy traveling, that’s a good place to start! Begin comparing the local choices and resources in this area, but be confident in the surgeon, do not choose a surgeon just based on location!


Many are just going to travel wherever your desired specialist is located, and that’s fine too. After all, choosing the right plastic surgeon will be the most important factor in predicting your cosmetic vacation success, and usually more important than the procedure itself.


When you travel take enough time off so you might your trip early, before your surgery is scheduled; to leave you and/or you and a spouse plenty of time to sight-see before undergoing surgery. That way, you can be sure to squeeze in some actual vacation fun before your surgery and recovery.


The Cost of a traveling for Cosmetic Surgery:  Traveling for plastic surgery can be expensive or it can be as economical as you need it to be. In addition to the actual plastic surgery costs, there will be expenses for airfare and transportation, hotel or lodgings, and for extra expenses like meals and entertainment. In other words, the costs can add up if you are not paying close attention to all the details. Most surgeons, clinics and facilitators have solutions for the vacation package buyers. Like travel agents they can custom build a package best suited to fit the needs of the patient. Be absolutely realistic about what you can afford or plan to finance, and consider what costs can be reduced by plastic surgery packages, individual surgeon promotions and discounts.


It’s a fact that cost averages for plastic surgery procedures differ by region. The cost of cosmetic surgery will naturally be an important consideration, but it shouldn’t be more important than your choice of surgeon. In the less expensive (or more rural) regions of the world, farther from major metropolitan areas, there is typically a smaller concentration of experienced plastic surgeons!


Getting back to cosmetic surgery costs, there are not only great differences in cost from region to region, but also naturally from procedure to procedure. According to the ASAPS, the national average cost of a tummy tuck is $5,263 in the U.S., and the average cost of a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is $2,882. The more minor the procedure, the lower the base cost usually is. So, if you’re undergoing a minor enhancement procedure that is considerably low cost to start with, you will be able to save considerable amounts on the procedure itself in countries like Brazil, Mexico, Thailand and many others with board certified surgeons.


Planning to be Medical Tourist: No matter what your goals or desired outcome for your cosmetic vacation and plastic surgery package, there should be an appropriate solution available for you! It will take some time to research, plan, and put the proper financing in order, but hopefully it will all be worth it in the end.
No matter what destination services you’re seeking; a breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck or rhinoplasty! For most modern procedures, you should research and speak with multiple surgeons, clinics and/or facilitators. We here at continue to update our database with all of them from around the world. By choosing your region and procedure you can find a list of cosmetic surgeons, clinics and facilitators that can help answer your questions about cosmetic surgery in Mexico, Thailand, Costa Rica, Brazil and many more locations around the world.