By Thomas Altstatt, International Medical Destinations Blogger
March, 2014


As we lose weight or head toward our elder years we all have it. The one body part we notice in ever picture making us look just like our grandparents (us too, men).  Our necks, “turkey neck” as my grandmother lovingly called it today.


Ladies can take year off of their age with simple neck lift procedures. In some cases a face lift will be required. This is one of the most comment vacation cosmetic surgery’s.





Shaving years off your age is as simple as a vacation trip to Central America and spending as little as $2000.  Coming home from a vacation looking refreshed and twenty years younger is closer to reality than most of us had ever thought.


After speaking with several board certified surgeon in Mexico, I emailed pictures to two of them and was impressed with the way DR. JAVIER GARCIA took the time to speak with me as if I was in the office on location.  Making me feel more comfortable than any of the local Dr.’s I had spoke with.


Answering question like:

What is the recovery time for neck lift?
Can I travel back to the states just days after a face lift?
Can I reach out to him after the surgery?


I was amazed at how personable the Dr. and Staff were, very different from the experience with plastic surgeons in my local area.


I’m not recommending anyone specific but rather recommend traveling outside the United States and enough the personal touch with savings.




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