Surgery in Mexico safe?

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Recently we seen this question/comment in one of the many social media groups we participate in.  We were so impressed with the responses, we felt we needed to share. Our favorite quote, “People will express their fears out of their own ignorance”



“Has anyone had a SO (some one) who is just ? At first the issue was “it can’t be clean, the surgeon is just a glorified butcher, they will operate on you with a rusty knife in a room with one light hanging, etc etc” Well I have researched Dr. xxxx and all THAT has been fixed. Now he’s scared about the security and “wifeynappings.” (Cuz you know there’s a huge market on 240 lb freckle faces) Do you know about the security in Tijuana?”




  • Reply 1. “I felt completely safe the entire time. I went with XXXXX and we had his assistant go with us everywhere but I felt totally fine. I don’t know about taking a taxi but the shopping areas and beach area to walk were all fine.”
  •  Reply 2. “My hubby was worried at first but after I showed him all of my research, he was okay with it. We are here right now in Tijuana at the Marriott and my surgery is today! They take care if you here and when I was at the hospital yesterday, I could just smell and see how clean things were. My decision was made after watching You Tubes of other people’s journey here.”
  • Reply 3. “I’m going to Dr. xxxx Friday (leave Thursday)! Can’t wait to see how you do Heather! My friend went last year and said the hotel and hospital were very secure. She never at any time felt unsafe. This “third world country” has a Costco, Walmart, Applebee’s, etc. first thing I will do is walk to Walmart and pick up, some liquids for the rest of the week.”
  • Reply 5. ” I had my surgery with Dr XXXX on April 2nd and I felt completely safe!”
  • Reply 6. “My husband is an attorney and wanted to take legal action to stop me from going because this is what he thought. My sister tried to stop me by calling my pcp of 7 years. My pcp fully supports my decision. You’ll find that TJ is much like any us city, ask the same conveniences, but they speak Spanish and English usually. People will express their fears our if their own ignorance. It’s safe and the doctors are excellent and go the extra mile for you.”
  • Reply 7. “I can say without hesitation that I felt completely safe when I went to TJ for my sleeve. I went almost 2 years ago and statistics at that time showed that it was safer to travel to TJ than it was to go to New York, Chicago or Atlanta (and I worked in Atlanta at the time!).”
  • Reply 8. ” There are parts of TJ, just as New Orleans, you would not want to be in at night alone, but no one is going to take you there, they are far away from the hospitals and hotels.”
  • Reply 9.  “I had surgery in october and always felt safe. I am also a NICU nurse in the states and was very pleased with my care”
  • Reply 10.  “Tummy tuck here in Toronto starts at $7000 the price at cosmed clinic, $3500 and it is costing me just under $600 to fly to San Diego and back for the gs…US$ of course…which does up the cost a bit after exchange.”
  • Reply 11. ” I made it home safe and never felt scared. I walked around TJ with my fiance with no problems. Surgery was a breeze best after care I ever had in a hospital setting!”

Group like this can be a huge resource in answering questions about medical travel.  The same commonality continues rise to the top, research you the procedure and the doctors. Doth of which you can start right here find a doctor and ask questions of the community of people who have previously traveled abroad for surgery


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