Surgery Abroad Support

Weight loss surgery in the Mexico, dental work in Costa Rica, cosmetic surgery in Dominican Republic or stem cell treatment in India, what do they all have in common? They all have a group, forum, community page we can join and ask questions.



Having a support group is important, local and online groups abound.  Someone to ask questions and receive unbiased answers from is very important part of the process. You may have to look a little but they exist. Several individuals have taken it upon themselves and started blogs to help others.  We are grateful for people like the world according to eggface  and skinney me journey, who tell their stories and and answers our questions.



Listed below are just a few of these groups we have found:


Weight Loss Group


Stem Cell Treatment Group


Cosmetic Support Group


Cancer Support Group


Their are many groups like these with people like you.  Facebook, Yahoo Groups and many other group pages are springing up to help answer your questions.  People love to help people answer, what seem to be silly questions.  They once had the same silly question.


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