Scared American Doctors!


On CBS News Dr. Claudette Lajam really doesn’t bothering answering any of the questions directly during the October 9, 2013 12:32 PM, Medical tourism: What’s the risk of traveling for care? interview.  Although she is did get one thing right, “do your research.”  You should do more than John Wilson, “I went down and I sat outside the office here and I watched people coming out and when I saw Americans coming out I’d ask them of the quality of the care they got here.”

See the full CBS story:

Seem every time an American doctor is on TV or radio, they say the same thing. DON’T DO IT. I would say that as well if it would cost me business, although she did get one thing right,  take the time to research each facility and doctor. Start by asking the doctor office for full disclosure of any past issues and move on to reading what others had to say. Don’t stop there, keep digging until you are comfortable. We should all be doing this with our doctors in United States as well.

In future article we will be providing various sources for you to use when researching your doctor of choice and the facilities in which they practice.


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