Real Patient Experiences

Real Traveling Patient Experiences

When asking the question, “What is the one thing you would want to make sure the world knows about weight loss surgery in Mexico”, a group of American citizens had some very surprising answers.
One of my favorite was from a young lady named Macee, who has a great sense of humor, “Before I got there I thought I was going to die in Mexico! When I finally had my surgery I was fine and when we were driving around Tijuana my view of how I was going to die in Mexico changed! Instead of dying from surgery I thought I was going to die from driving around! Silly really! Just make sure you have an experienced driver!”







The take away from these experiences is that surgery in Mexico is as safe as the United States and each and everyone polled would do it again.  This made me question, would they go back for follow up surgeries, such as body lifts, breast augmentation, arm sculpting, etc. Look for our next article on this topic.


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