Traveling for surgery, what to take.

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One of the most common questions we get asked is, “when traveling for surgery (or treatment) what should I take?” So we asked over 100 people who have made the quest of travelling to Mexico, Costa Rica, India, Brazil and many other countries.  Below is the collection of answers in no particular order.


Must take:


A supportive loved one was the most common item listed, when asked what to take with you as you travel outside the united states for surgery. below are few of the others.


Small Pillow
Pain Meds (never hurts to have extra for the travel home)
Chap stick
Gas X (surgery always pumps you full)
Grippy sock (hospital floors can be slick)
Cash for tipping (small bills, not $20’s)
Broth Cubes
Favorite Tea
Liquid lortab
Light robe
Heating pad
eReader or tablet
Loose fitting clothes (a must for after surgery travel)
Bottled water (pack couple for layovers to and from)
Translation dictionary or app
Bandages (may need to change them before you get home)


Remember to do your research, read as many reviews and speak to as many people before traveling for surgery.  The above tips have come from doing just that, you can never ask to many questions.