Oman Middle East Medical Tourism

By Thomas Altstatt, International Medical Destinations Dec, 2013


Under the patronage of the Ministry of Health, Oman wants your medical tourism dollars.


IMTEC Oman 2014 will organize under patronage with Omani Ministry of Health , and will committed to provide the platform where the international organizations in medical tourism , Equipments, Technology can identify the prospective business opportunities, and the service seekers can find quality healthcare providers. Medical tourism is a growing phenomenon. With the increasing number of people traveling abroad for cost effective and reliable medical treatments, outsourcing of healthcare services and the medical tourism have become the favorite jargons among the market players and consumers alike. In the recent years Oman is in the limelight as it outsources billions of healthcare services overseas annually. International players in the medical tourism and healthcare industry are focusing their efforts to Omani’s healthcare market.


IMTEC Oman 2014 provides, healthcare professionals, international hospitals, health insurance companies, and the consumers get the chance to learn about the emerging trends and areas of medical tourism, share ideas, build a reputation among the stakeholders, and meet the potential consumers under a single roof.


This years event, April 15-17 in Muscat proves to be another huge success and will only benefit individuals looking to travel for medical needs as Oman looks to grow share in the international medical services. Looking to be a part?


What does this mean for those of who enjoy traveling to exotic locations for reduced rate medical services?  Great things!  Oman is a beautiful country friendly to travelers. From top beaches, dessert escapes to lagoon and canyons , Oman offers top vacation amenities.  The Oman Ministry of Tourism offers a wealth of information.


Oman’s coastline stretches for a distance of 3,165 kilometres, including beaches overlooking the Sea of Oman, the Arabian Sea and the Straits of Hormuz in the North. The nature of this coastal strip varies from tourist-friendly sandy beaches where summer holiday-makers hang out, and the rocky coasts, bays, islands and lagoons with their diverse geographical make-up, making them ideal for fishing and marine excursions.

Oman Dessert

Oman’s name is closely associated with desert. The desert in Oman is an extension of the Bedouin lifestyle with its ancient associations of traditional culture and authentic original customs.

The Omani desert is characterided by the diversity of its plants and animals. In Jeddah Al Harasis in Wilayat Hima AlWasta Governorate (the Central Region), there are many mammals within the boundaries of the Arabian Oryx Sanctuary.

Experience the Bedouin live, take a safari tours across dunes, or pick your own desert safari trips



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