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Your dental work at Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry will be performed by consummate professional Dentists in Mexico dedicated to giving you the finest care and treatment possible. Only qualified dental doctors offering affordable yet quality dental treatment.

For example, let’s take a look at the difference between having dental implants in Mexico compared to dental implants in the United States:


Procedure: Dental Implant, including abutment and crown
COST IN USA: $4,400
Cost in Cancun, Mexico: $1,845
An insane 59% savings!

What if you have all of your teeth missing, on the top or bottom? You may be considering:


Procedure: MDI Upper Arch, based on 6 Mini Implants
(Denture secured by mini-implants)
COST IN USA: $17,000
Cost In Cancun, Mexico: $4,200

A huge 74% Savings For These Dental Implants!

Let’s see the difference with dental crowns:


Procedure: Crown or Veneer, Metal-Free Porcelain on Zirconium
COST IN USA: $1,500

Cost In Cancun, Mexico: $500

A 66% Savings For Affordable Dental Work in Mexico!

Here’s yet another dental work comparison:


Procedure:Bridge, 3-Unit Porcelain on Gold
COST IN USA: $3,800

Cost In Cancun, Mexico: $1,500

A 60% Savings For Those Taking Advantage of Dental Tourism in Mexico!

As you can clearly see, the same dental care in Mexico is far more affordable than the same dental work performed in the United States.

* Prices above are examples, each case will be evaluated.


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