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INDIA National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Provider

Directly from NABH website:

NABH International is the international wing of NABH. NABH International is a constituent board of Quality Council of India (QCI), set up to establish and operate accreditation programme for healthcare organizations. The board has full autonomy in its operations with support by all stakeholders.

To enhance health systems & promoting continuous quality improvement and patient safety at international level.

Mark of Excellence  (this is the certification logo to look for)








The NABH standards provide framework for quality assurance and quality improvement for the Healthcare Organisations. The standards focus on all aspects of service delivery like patient rights and education, infection control practices, trained and experienced staff, infrastructure, environment safety, processes and controls among many others, statutory & regulatory compliances. A NABH-“MARK OF EXCELLENCE” is provided to the organization based on evaluation on these standards. The Accreditation Programmes for Healthcare Organisations are voluntary programmes.

NABH is an Institutional Member as well as a Board member of the Accreditation Council of the International Society for Quality in HealthCare (lSQua).
NABH is on board of Asian Society for Quality in Healthcare (ASQua), Kuala Lumpur.
NABH is a member of International Steering Committee of WHO Collaborating Centre for Patient Safety as a nominee of lSQua Accreditation Council.




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