Will follow up questions after medical tourism be less of a hassle with Googles new feature? We all use Google when symptoms of varying illnesses arise.  We try to diagnose ourselves,  knowing full well this can be a dangerous.  Although for many of us planning to go out of country for a treatment or surgery, researching online is the only way.  What if you input your question, press enter and not only are you presented with various websites with what could be the answer, Google also presents you with a feature to video chat with a doctor?


Image your post op questions answered by a real doctor. The simple “is this normal after__________ surgery” question answered in just minutes by a doctor on the other end of a video conference.  Image the answers quick and at a fraction of the cost of your local doctor who in many cases may not even see you due to the procedure being performed outside of the United States.


This option isn’t that far away according to Engadget, Google is currently testing Helpouts which offers video chat with doctors when you search for symptoms.  Like any beta test their is still a lot of unanswered questions, although this shows real promise for those of use who travel for medical service or procedures. With little to no aftercare due to our surgeons being out of country, this is just one more resource we will be able to utilize.


SOURCE: jasonahoule (Reddit)


Yes there currently are other websites offering services like this, Teladoc and Doctor on Demand have been providing this type of thing for months. Although Google being as large as they are may help pave the way for telemedicine, making it more common practice and helping medical tourism become more common place.