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Find a foreign doctor for cosmetic surgery that you can trust continues to become easier and easier as the idea becomes more common place.  Several thousand people have traveled to Mexico for weight loss surgery in 2013 – 2014.  Creating a wave of people who have now had successful procedures outside of the United States.  Most of which said they will return for cosmetic surgery at a later date. There are first-class clinics in Mexico where people can feel totally assured they are getting the best care,” says Dr. Sergio Maltus, Mexico’s director of federal health inspectors. He went on to say, that it is no different than anywhere else in the world, you can find bad clinics if you look, “if you go to a clinic hidden on a backstreet.”


A. You can have safe procedures outside the U.S., says Lecia Gibson of, if you do some legwork: A. Use a doctor with up to date certifications. The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery or have lists of board-certified plastic surgeons. Check that the clinic has an up-to-date license.


B.  Ask lots of question, sample list of those on

Are there registered nurses?
Do the staff speak English?
If the procedure is to be done in a doctor’s office, is there a nearby hospital, and what is done in the event of an emergency?
What follow-up care is offered?
Will you begin by taking a full medical history to determine if you’re a good candidate for surgery?


C. Do they offer the latest technology?


D. Speak with real people who have had cosmetic surgery with the cosmetic surgeon you are considering.


Social media is riddled with “groups” of people who have traveled around the world for cosmetic surgery who love to share there stories.  These groups are a support group of sorts, providing real feedback from real people.


Some of these groups have “admins” who are also facilitators.  Facilitators can be helpful, although they usually only work with a few select surgeons and receive a fee for any patients they send the surgeons way.  This is NOT a bad thing as they can help with several aspects of the process. Just know this as you are researching cosmetic surgeons.


In the end we have found that finding a surgeon is easier than ever these days with Facebook groups, yahoo groups, certification association, sites like, and