By Thomas Altstatt, International Medical Destinations Blogger
Nov, 2013


Many insurance companies and employers who self-fund their healthcare benefits have started

employing the services of Medical Travel Facilitators. Facilitation in medical travel is much like

much like a building contractor of a large construction project; they take on the very time consuming

process essential to insure the success of a well laid plan. Since facilitation is not the insurance company, employer or doctor’s core competency, some leave the details to qualified facilitators.

Here are few of the benefits you can expect when using a medical travel facilitator.


A Medical Travel Facilitator:


  • -Should manage every aspect of the patient’s entire medical travel.
  • -Should be the first point of contact all the way through full recuperation.
  • -Will coordinate the entire trip and take care of the details such as flights and hotel reservations, scheduling doctor’s consultations, coordinating surgery appointments.
  • -Will arranging ground transportation and securely transferring confidential files to the international medical destination.
  • -Will be able to guide the patient’s case through the assessment, quotation, scheduling, and planning process.
  • -Should have a direct relationship with the hospital affiliates enabling them to communicate with the doctors and executive staff when necessary.
  • -Will coordinate and execute any changes that needed to the patients planned medical travels.
  • -Should represent you and not the doctor to negotiate on your behalf to ensure the most current, accurate information as well as the best pricing to insure the best medical travel results.
  • -Most will make no less than 120 points of contact with each patient to ensure proper preparation are provided and understood.
  • -Should have a deep understanding of the true conditions of each destination they are working for with the ability to answer all questions in full.
  • -Some will even act as a liaison between the patient and their family and friends.

Not all doctors, clinics and hospitals use facilitators, those that do will direct you to the the facilitator in order to help coordinate your experience.

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